BRAND: Major Tech

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Evse) Adaptor , Single Phase Max I/p:250v , Three-phase System Max I/p:430v , Pe-pre-test Function , Ev Connection For Type 2 & Type 1 , Measuring Terminals L1/l2/l3 , N&pe

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (Evse) Adaptor


The MT290 is an extender for interfacing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to test the socket of an installation tester for verification of electrical safety and function of all single and three phase EV charge points. This easy-to-use instrument, used in conjunction with the MT390 or similar meter offers an electrical contractor a universal tool designed to thoroughly test Mode 3 AC Electric Vehicle charging stations. The adaptor is designed to simulate the connection of an electric vehicle to an under-test charging point, with the safety feature of the PE Pre-Test, the PE conductor can be tested for possible presence of dangerous voltage against earth. A rotary switch for the Proximity Pilot (PP) state “Cable Simulation” can simulate various current capabilities of charging cables, while the rotary switch for Control Pilot (CP) state “Vehicle Simulation” can select and simulate various charging states. Measurements on live conductors can be undertaken by either using the front mounted mains socket or the 4mm measuring terminals of L1, L2, L3, N and PE of the EVSE adaptor. Standard accessories include the Type 2 and Type 1 plugs complete with a hard carrying case. The housing of the MT290 IP54 for dust and splash proof water protection.


  • Testing adaptor for Mode 3 supply equipment
  • EV connection for Type 2 and Type 1
  • Measuring terminals L1, L2, L3, N and PE
  • Mains socket for connection to check an external load
  • Single phase system with Max input voltage up to 250V
  • Three phase system with Max input voltage up to 430V
  • Separate phase indication by thee LED lamps to indicate voltage present
  • PE-Pre-test function
  • Simulation of CP Error “E” and PE Error (Earth Fault)
  • Rotary dials simulate PP State or CP State