BRAND: Major Tech

AC Voltage Tester 12-1000VAC

AC Voltage Tester


MajorTech MT403 Voltage Tester 1000V. The MT403 is a Non-Contact AC Voltage detector with dual ranges, a low measuring range down to 12 volts and a high measuring range from 12V to 1000V. Suitable for outlets or against wire insulation testing, this non-contact AC Voltage Detector has a switch to turn the unit on and a Green LED indicates it is working. There is a Red LED and an audible sound to indicate the presence of voltage. It has a rugged double moulded IP67 waterproof housing that can withstand a 2m drop. There is a bright built-in LED flashlight ideal for use in dimly lit areas.


  • 12V to 1000V detection
  • Thinner probe tip for working with socket outlets
  • Green LED means Power on, flashing red LED with beeper means Voltage detected
  • Two modes, green indicates high voltage mode, Yellow LED 12V Mode
  • Flash and beep rate increases as the detector gets closer to the voltage.
  • Power On/Off with silent mode
  • IP67 waterproof and withstand a 2m drop-proof
  • CAT IV 1000V

Additional Information

Device Voltage Tester
Type 12-1000VAC