BRAND: Major Tech

2-Pole LED Voltage Tester, Continuity, Phase Rotation



The MT474 is a 2-Pole voltage tester and has a clear LED indication for Ac and DC voltage. The meter displays the AC and DC voltage, Polarity as well as Low Impedance Test. Other functions include a double-pole Rotary Field Indicator, which is always active. A LED will light up for indication the rotation of “R” signifying phase L1 direction or another LED will indicate the “L” direction signifying phase L2. The rotary indication can only be determined within a three-phase system. Here, the instrument indicates the voltage between two external conductors. Other tests include a Continuity Test and a Single-Pole phase test.

The MT474 is IP64 waterproof and is a useful voltage tester designed to meet the Electrician’s requirements for a multitude of applications. This tester enables the user to determine whether or not a voltage is within the range required. The MT474 voltage tester incorporates a Low Impedance Test, which induces a basic load of approximately 2.1W at 690 volts. The MT474 has the added feature of a built-in Function Test and Self Test assisting the user in confirming that the meter works correctly prior to testing a circuit.



  • 690V AC / DC
  • Continuity 200Ω
  • LED indication / Rotary field indication
  • Low impedance test
  • Polarity detection
  • Double injection
  • IP64
  • Flashlight
  • Single pole phase test set



  • Dimensions: 150 x 70 x 48mm
  • Weight : 255g
  • Accessories :
  • Test Probe Covers for CATIV 600V
  • Instruction manual