BRAND: Communica

36MM Diameter Nickel Coated Neodymium Fishing Magnet With M5 Eyebolt - 35KG Pull

Nickel Coated Neodymium Fishing Magnet


The fishing magnet is a single sided nickel coated neodymium magnet, with a stainless steel  eyebolt
It is thought magnet fishing was initially started by boaters using magnets to recover fallen keys from the water.
Although the name states ‘Fishing Magnet’ these magnets are used for many more applications than fishing
Even at its compact size of 36mm (which refers to the diameter of the magnet) , this one-sided magnet has a pull force of 35kg
The pull force will be influenced by many factors, including material type, thickness, flatness, friction levels etc.
The magnet vertical pull strength rating of 35kg is measured in laboratory conditions using a solid steel plate which is 10mm thick with the magnet placed in the centre of the plate and positioned horizontally on top. An instrument that measures force pulls the magnet steadily upwards at a constant pulling speed of 80mm per minute. The force in kilograms, at the point just prior to the magnet breaking away from the steel plate, is recorded and constitutes the magnet’s vertical pull strength rating.


MODEL D (mm) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) H (mm) h (mm) M Weight  Breakaway 
MGT FISHING MAGNET  35KG 36 15.5 27 38.5 8 M6 71g 35kg

Additional Information

Device Magnet
Type 36MM | Neodymium | Fishing | M5 Eyebolt | 35KG Pull