BRAND: Noyafa

NF-388 Network Cable Tester LAN RJ45 RJ11 RJ45 USB Cable Coaxial Tester with 8 Remote Identifier...* BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED *


NF-388 multipurpose network cable test & check the line instrument is the latest development of a more novel features of cable test and check the line instrument. The equipment consists of a main tester (NF-308), a receiver (NF-838-R) and the remote identifier(8pcs) . It has three mainly functions - line-tracking, line-alignment and Line state test, with a shortcut, accurate characteristics, communication lines, integrated wiring, line weak systems installation, maintenance, a useful tool set for engineering and technical personnel. Widely used in the telephone system, computer network and other metal wire lines and other fields.

  • Features

    • Single cable connectivity testing can be carried out
    • Wiring / connection error positioning.
    • Measuring the cable length, and determine a distance from the open, short.
    • Dynamic calibration function of the cable length, the length measurement accuracy of up to 97%.
    • Easy to use, the large screen display of the test results at a glance.
    • Portable, long battery life (standby 50 hours).
    • Automatically delay shutdown and backlit display.
    • Whether the plug in the remote identification can be carried out measurements of length and pairing.
    • Cable positioning, eight remote passive test jacks (ID 1D1-ID8).
    • Remote single-frequency identification tool prompts.
    • SCM software watchdog design and reliable operation.
    • The self-test function, can automatically compensate for changes in battery power, the impact of changes in ambient temperature.
    • 5E, 6E, telephone line, coaxial cable, USB lines directly looking for a variety of cable.
    • Can detect 5E, 6E, coaxial cable and telephone wiring fault lines, including : open circuit, short circuit, jumper, reverse, and string around.


    • Dimensions : Main tester : 185 x 105 x 50mm; receiver : 218 x 46 x 29mm.
    • Power supply : main tester : 9V laminated battery; receiver : 9V laminated battery.
    • Display : dedicated 4 x 16 character screen LCD dot matrix (effective viewing area 61.6X25.2mm of).
    • Test Cable Type : STP / UTP twisted pair, coaxial cable, telephone line.
    • probe cable types : directly looking 5E, 6E, telephone lines, coaxial cable, USB line and other cable.
    • Operating ambient temperature : -10 degrees to +60 degrees.
    • Test instrument port and probe
      • Main tester : RJ45 master port (MAIN), RJ45, deputy port (LOOPBACK),
      • RJ45 the Hunt ports; receiver probe; remote recognizer RJ45 port .
      • Additional BNC and RJ11 converter measurable coaxial cable, telephone line communication.
    • Twisted-pair length measurement
      • Range : 1-350 meters (3-1200 feet)
      • Calibration accuracy : 3% (+ /-0.5M, or + /-1.5ft). (Calibration cable> 5 m)
      • The factory accuracy : 5% (+ /-0.5M, or + /-1.5ft). (AMP, AT & T5 class lines)
      • Show : Meters or Feet
    • Length Calibration : the user can be used a known length of cable, its own calibration coefficients of the calibration cable length greater than 5 meters.
    • Line sequence and cable fault location : fault detection circuit, open circuit, short circuit, reverse polarity, cross and string around.
    • Cable positioning : 8 remote passive test jacks (ID1-ID8).
    • Automatically delay shutdown time : 30 minutes without operation.