SKU: P972-0DP01

BRAND: BradConnectivity

Profibus Connector 9 Pole Male D SUB - 9 Pole Female D SUB 90° Cable Entry – IDC Term With Diagnostics

Profibus Connector with Diagnostics


The heavy metal PROFIBUS connector EasyConn PB is used for the connection of Profibus participants to the bus line. The fully visible diagnostic LEDs improve the installation considerably. Users can immediately check the status of bus activity, termination resistors, power supply and bus status at-a-glance.


  • Cable slots with transparent covers
  • Metal case ensures high EML safety
  • Cable connection via cutting-clamps
  • Captive single-screw installation system
  • Integrated switchable terminating resistors
  • Integrated PU/diagnostic socket type
  • Status monitoring via integrated LEDs

Additional Information

Device Connector
Type Profibus | Diagnostics