SKU: PA9D01-42

BRAND: BradConnectivity

PROFIBUS Diagnostic D-Sub Connector 9 Pole Male to 9 Pole Female with 90° Cable Entry and IDC termination


The BradConnectivity PROFIBUS Diagnostic D-Sub connector effectively reduces installation, connection and troubleshooting time with its unique design. The dual cable entry guide makes connections virtually foolproof. Just strip the cable jacket, guide the PROFIBUS 2-conductor cable into the slots, and tighten with a single screw.

PROFIBUS network troubleshooting is also easy thanks to an LED display that pinpoints power, bus, device and termination errors. An integrated port is also included for field diagnostic monitors, analyzers or laptops. The connector is enclosed in a sturdy metal case that contributes to safe and reliable operation by helping to prevent outside interference and damage in harsh applications.

BradConnectivity Diagnostic D-Sub connectors will benefit machine tool, conveyor and material handling applications with its time-saving features. Whether used in motor control centers, variable frequency drives or I/O, they can shorten time to market and reduce production downtime significantly.


  • All metal construction for harsh environments
  • Fully shielded for high noise immunity
  • IDC connections for fast and reliable installations
  • Captive single-screw mechanism - no loose parts
  • High transfer rate - 12 MBaud
  • 4 LEDs for fast diagnostics and health status of the bus and device (diagnostic versions only)
  • Terminator monitor indicates if terminator is missing (diagnostic versions only)
  • Integrated switchable terminators
  • Transparent cable slots and covers for high visibility
  • Integrated programming/diagnostic port (on 90º / 45º formats)
  • Available in 0º, 45º and 90º formats making connections to various devices easier
Switchable Terminating Resistors :
  • The switchable terminating resistors are activated by a slide switch accessible from both the side and rear.
  • With this switch, the OUT Bus can be shut off.
  • For testing purposes the PROFIBUS components following the connector can be switched off without removing the plug.
Cable Installation :
  • Loosen the single screw
  • Lift the contact cover(s)
  • Push the 2 stripped wires into the wire channel, lining up with the color code : Green Line to "A" and Red Line to "B"
  • Close the contact cover
  • Tighten the screw securely and you are finished


  • Orientation : 90° Angle
  • PROFIBUS : 9 Pole SubD Pin Headers
  • Programming/Diagnostics : 9 Pole SubD Socket
  • Insertion (withdrawal) cycles : Min. 200
  • Cable Type : Solid Core PROFIBUS Type A, EN50170
  • Cable Diameter : 8mm
  • Screw/Tightening Torque : 4~40 UNC/0.4Nm
  • Enclosure Material : Die-Cast Zinc
  • Temperature Range : -20°C to +75°C
  • Cable Connection : IDC Technology
  • Terminating Resistor : Yes, Built-In Switchable
  • Bus Signals : Dual, IN and OUT
  • IP Rating : IP67
  • Material - Connector Body : Die-Cast Zinc
  • Current (Maximum per Contact) : 4A
  • Voltage (Maximum) : 30V
Insulation Stripping Lengths:
  • Outer Sheath : 17mm
  • Shield : 11mm