PIR 31


BRAND: Communica

360° Mini PIR Sensor (White)

360° Mini PIR Sensor


The PIR31 sensor is a high quality passive infrared sensor. The sensor functions automatically adding convenience, practicality and energy saving. Once installed the unit is activated by motion as soon as you enter the detection field. It can be installed very easily and is dip switch controlled.


Ideal for domestic applications such as cabinets, door entrances, hallways, stairways, attics and basements.

Business applications include shops, offices, warehouses, storerooms, workshops, cable ways, substations and archives

  • 360° Detection Field
  • Automatically turns on lights when motion and body heat is detected
  • 800 Watts Incandescent lamps or 200 Watts Energy saving lamps
  • 3 – 2000 LUX (Adjustable)
  • Identify day and night automatically
  • Time-delay and ambient light adjustment
  • SENS adjustable
  • Installation height 1.8 – 2.5m
  • Detection distance 6m (max)
  • Power consumption 0.45W

Additional Information

Device Sensor
Type 360° | Mini PIR
Colour White