PRK MS-121


BRAND: Proskit

Pro's Kit Vacuum Pick up Tool Hand Held for SMD - ESD Type (Antistatic)

Vacuum Pick up Tool



    • The hand-held SMD vacuum pick up tool is ideal for picking up and moving large or small electronic components.
    • Lightweight, portable and suitable for the picking and placing small components weight to up 50 grams and having a flat surface, dilly packages and surface mount components, etc. The new high-power probes have longer holding action.
    • To add spring into needle between cap and main body for avoiding needle going through the cap.


  • Held like a pen, the vacuum is operated by a simple press and supplied with 2 angled and 3 straight pick-up hands with a choice 4mm, 6mm, or 10mm cap diameters.
  • Ecnomic type


  • 10mm,6mm,4mm suction cup each one pc.(item#:9122-010)
  • Angle, straight tip each one pc

Additional Information

Device Pick up Tool
Type Vacuum