PRK PK-4012

SKU: PRK PK-4012

BRAND: Proskit

PK-4012 :: HDTV Video RF Coaxial Cable Tool Kit with Toner & Probe, Forging Cable Cutter, Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper and Crimper for Cutting, Stripping, Crimping and Testing Coaxial Cable Connections of HDTV, Video and RF Communications


PK-4012 HDTV Video RF coaxial cable tool kit is a professional tool including All-in-one Toner & Probe Kit, Forging cable cutter, Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper and Crimper for cutting, stripping, crimping and testing coaxial cable connections of HDTV, video and RF communications.





  • 1PK-3003D28 : Die Set (SQ.041",HEX.068",.178",.255",.278")
  • 1PK-3003D30 : Die Set(SQ.042",HEX.197",.278")
  • 1PK-3003D31 : Die Set(SQ.042",HEX.068",.275",.278")
  • 1PK-3003D32 : Die Set(SQ.042",.052", HEX.068",.255",.324")
  • 1PK-3003D33 : Die Set(SQ.042",HEX.178",.275")
  • 1PK-3003D34 : Die Set (SQ.042", HEX.068",.0178",.197",.255")
  • 1PK-3003F : Supercrimp Crimp Tool Frame
  • 6PK-312B : Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper(RG-58/59/62/3C/4C)
  • 6PK-332 : Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper(RG-58/59/62/3C2V/4C/5C)
  • 8PK-A202 : Forging Cable Cutter (160mm)
  • MT-7068 : All-in-one Toner & Probe Kit
  • 9Z-PK4012 : Carrying zipper bag