SKU: PTL08684

BRAND: Greenlee

701K Classic Tone and Probe Kit


Tempo’s tone and probe tracing kit allows professional technicians to identify wires from a bundle, to monitor voltage passing through the circuit, to check breaks in the circuit and to trace wires through walls. The Tempo Tracing Kit includes the generator tone which injects a signal onto the cable to be traced and the tracing probe which is used to trace out the wire. Quick, Reliable, Connections.


  • Industry standard tracing for voice, data, and video wiring
  • Headset and Adjustable Gain Control(200EP-G)
  • LED Worklight - view behind furniture, inside racks, and other dim lighting conditions
  • LED Tone Proximity Indicator illuminates brighter the closer you get to the correct pair (closer to the tone)
  • Detect Faults – one or two line telephone service, voltage/polarity andshorts/continuity (77HP-G)
  • Distinct Tracing Signatures – two warble tones available for easier tracing
  • Enhanced Voltage Protection – up to 150 V DC
  • Metal or Plastic Tips – Use the best tip for the job
  • Includes: 77HP-G Tone Generator, 200EP-G Tracing Probe, modular plug, alligator test leads, RJ11/45, and socket adaptor


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Device Classic Tone and Probe Kit