SKU: REN-420423

BRAND: Renusol

Renusol Metasole+ Landscape High Top for Trapezoidal & Corrugated Sheet Metal Roofs

Metasole+ Landscape High Top


  • RENUSOL METASOLE+  Rooftop mounting system for trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal roofs.
  • 125mm long rail, 72mm high.
  • High Top design raises PV modules higher from the roof surface to increase ventilation and thereby increase the performance of the modules in high temperature applications.
  • 100mm distance to the roof.
  • Short, non-continuous rails lead to material saving solar installation on trapezoidal sheet.
  • Horizontal PV module orientation
  • PV modules with a frame height of 30 to 50 mm are attached to the MS+ HT mounting system in landscape, arranged in columns on the trapezoidal sheet.
  • Installation without pilot drilling - self-tapping screws fix the MS+P PV mounting system directly to the trapezoidal sheet.
  • For trapezoidal steel sheet 0.4-1.25mm thickness and aluminium sheet 0.5-2.00mm thickness


  • 125x72x30 mm
  • 0,250 kg
  • Rail length : 125,0 mm
  • Material : Aluminum


Additional Information

Device High Top
Type Metasole+ Landscape