SKU: RH03B-75

BRAND: Communica

Thermal Cut-Off • 75°C • 250V • 2A • Axial • 10x2.8mm


Thermal Cutoffs are designed to provide upper limit temperature protection against all overheating of all the electric and electronic products, keeping the products functioning properly and safely and then protecting lives and property as well as products from possible fires.


 Application : Transformer, Exhaust Fan, Small Power motor, Charger, Electric Ballast, Electric Blanket, Capacitor and other Heating Devices



Rated Functioning Temp 75°C
Fusing off Temp 72 +3/-2°C
Holding Temp 40°C
Max Temp 150°C
Voltage 250V
Current 2A
Termination Axial
Size 10x2.8mm