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The SST29EE/LE/VE020 are 256K x8 CMOS Page-Write EEPROM manufactured with SST�s proprietary, high performance CMOS SuperFlash technology. The split-gate cell design and thick oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and manufacturability compared with alternate approaches. The SST29EE/LE/VE020 write with a single power supply. Internal Erase/Program is transparent to the user. The SST29EE/LE/VE020 conform to JEDEC standard pinouts for byte-wide memories.

Featuring high performance Page-Write, the SST29EE/LE/ VE020 provide a typical Byte-Write time of 39 �sec. The entire memory, i.e., 256 KByte, can be written page-bypage in as little as 10 seconds, when using interface features such as Toggle Bit or Data# Polling to indicate the completion of a Write cycle. To protect against inadvertent write, the SST29EE/LE/VE020 have on-chip hardware and Software Data Protection schemes. Designed, manufactured, and tested for a wide spectrum of applications, the SST29EE/LE/VE020 are offered with a guaranteed PageWrite endurance of 10,000 cycles. Data retention is rated at greater than 100 years.

The SST29EE/LE/VE020 are suited for applications that require convenient and economical updating of program, configuration, or data memory. For all system applications, the SST29EE/LE/VE020 significantly improve performance and reliability, while lowering power consumption. The SST29EE/LE/VE020 improve flexibility while lowering the cost for program, data, and configuration storage applications. To meet high density, surface mount requirements, the SST2