BRAND: Victron

Victron Interface MK3-USB (Used for Configuration & Firmware Updates from Computer for: Multi, Multigrid, Multiplus, Multiplus-II, Quattro, Inverter/Charger Settings in Ecomulti, Easysolar, Easyplus & Inverters with a VE.Bus Communication Port)

Interface MK3-USB


The VE.Bus features of VictronConnect App allows you to configure, monitor, update and diagnose your VE.Bus Victron product.

VictronConnect connects to the inverters via a USB-MK3 accessory cable, or via the VE.Bus Smart Dongle (both sold separately).

The specific MK3 VE.Bus component is available for Android, Windows, and macOS X (but not iOS).

The specific VE.Bus Smart dongle component is available for Android, macOS X, iOS, (but not Windows).

VictronConnect is the perfect tool for installers to quickly and efficiently configure a system after wiring it. With VictronConnect, it's
safe, quick and easy to perform a firmware update of Victron products. No internet connection is required; and no files need to be
selected or downloaded. Just connect to the product.

System configuration is done with the MK3. Once configured, then the VE.Bus Smart dongle serves as an ideal entry level user
interface for a complete RV or Marine Victron system. Allowing monitoring, and operation of your device. Easily control the shore
power input current limit or switch on your inverter using the VictronConnect app.


Additional Information

Device MK3-USB
Type Interface