Inbox is a Miniature Module which Allows you to Control Devices using a Push-Button, without the need to Connect them with Wires, without Restrictions.



  • Measures 35mm x 45mm
  • By Usinginbox You Can Control All Devices Using The Wifi Technology: Gates, Roller Shutters, lighting or other electrical devices installing a newpush-button in the house has never been so easy - Without forging walls, without renovation, you can mount an additional light switch, a button that opens the blind or gate Not only on the wall but also on the table or even in the shower
  • Inbox works with each monostablepush-button -It allows full freedom for interior design The same push-button can be used to control multiple devices - A short pressing will turn on the Light in front of the house and a longpressing will open the gate - Without the need to looking for the remote control
  • Due to the fact that the device needs only a small 3V battery, it is completely safe also in places where the use of traditional switches at 230V can be a threat to life or health