MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino

MindPlus Coding Kit


MindPlus Coding Kit for Arduino is a set of tools for programming learning. As its compatibility for Mind+, a graphical coding software for starters, and Arduino IDE, this kit is well applicable to students from the lower grade to the higher grade.

It comes with an Arduino Uno R3 mainboard and a sensor expansion board V7, and 18 commonly used sensors and actuators. These sensors are equipped with Gravity interfaces, which are easy to use and allow your creativity to be realized more quickly.

The course for this kit will first start from lighting up an onboard LED on Arduino to help students step into the world of coding. Then more sensors and actuators will be used to realize complicated functions in later projects. Four aspects are covered in the courses: algorithms & programming, computing system, network & the internet, data analysis. Students will practically participate in the projects like Express transportation detection via IoT, Mobile smart client, and so on, during which they will get to know basics about coding, internet and data as well as build logical thinking skills. 

What is Mind+?

Mind+ is graphical programming software for teenagers integrating with all kinds of mainstream mainboards and open-source hardware. As it supports AI and IoT, you can build a program by dragging and snapping coding blocks, or using advanced programming languages like python, c, c++. It can help you to easily experience the joy of creating! 

1) Offline Programming Editor

Mind+ is a programming tool, which allows you to build a program by dragging and snapping coding blocks. With tons of tutorials, sample projects, and a large community, it is one of the best tools for you to learn programming from absolutely zero! 

2) Create Interactive Projects with Hardware

Mind+ supports a wide range of hardware including Arduino, micro:bit, or even a series of ESP32-based educational microcontrollers, which makes it possible to let the program change your real life. Not only that you can use microcontrollers to interact with the PC in real-time, but also you can upload the code and let them work as standalone smart devices. 

3) Wide Range Add-on Component Support

The build-in component list allows you to one-click add electronic modules to your project. You may choose from sensors, actuators, display, or communication modules to make your project fun and powerful. 

4) Convert Blocks into Coding Languages

The build-in interpreter in Mind+ converts blocks into Python or C language, creating a steady but progressive learning path for learning how to code.

Welcome to Mind+ column, more ways to play! 

Contents of Tutorial

Chapter 1 Hello world

Project 1 Lighting up Onboard LED Light

Project 2 Turn on the external LED light module 

Chapter 2 Magic Buttons

Project 3 Magic Button Switches

Project 4 Simple Timer Light

Project 5 Make a Button Switch 

Chapter 3 Controllable Lights

Project 6 Breathing Lights

Project 7 3-step Adjustable Light

Project 8 Knob Adjustable Light

 Chapter 4 Smart Light

Project 9 Sound-Activated Light

Project 10 Stairs Light

Project 11 Electronic Candle 

Chapter 5 Master Sound Devices (Updating)

Project 12 Analog Sound Device

Project 13 Nearsightness Alert 

Chapter 6 Real-Time Test Device (Updating)

Project 14 Ultrasonic Rangefinder

Project 15 Intrusion Detector 

Chapter 7 Getting to Know the IoT (Internet of Things) (Updating)

Project 16 Learn about the Internet of Things

Project 17 IoT Temperature Detectors

Chapter 8 Have fun with IoT (Updating)

Project 18 Package Handling Monitoring

Project 19 Smart Baby Crib 

Chapter 9 Getting to Know Bluetooth (Updating)

Project 20 Bluetooth configuration

Project 21 Make A Phone App 

Chapter 10 Bluetooth Remote Control (Updating)

Project 22 Bluetooth Controlled LED

Project 23 Bluetooth Access Control 

Chapter 11 Smart Home (Updating)

Project 24 Special Switch -- Relay

Project 25 Smart Home


  • 18 modules with functions involving Bluetooth, WiFi, display, etc.
  • 25 Interesting projects to explore IoT, smart home, etc.
  • The teaching contents are instructed in detail from the perspectives of materials, hardware connections, hardware working principles, and programming, enabling beginners to master how to use Arduino and integrally learn network Internet and data analysis. Then draw inferences about it.


  •  Controller: DFRduino UNO R3
  • Power Supply: 6 AA batteries or 6~12 power adaptor
  • Weight: 0.63kg

Package Include

  • Digital Adjustable Infrared Proximity Sensor x1
  • DFRduino UNO R3 x1
  • IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7.1 x1
  • Analog Ambient Light Sensor x1
  • Analog Rotation Sensor x1
  • Analog Sound Sensor x1
  • 9g micro servo (1.6kg) x1
  • Digital Piranha LED Module-Red x1
  • Digital piranha LED module - Blue x1
  • Digital Buzzer Module x1
  • Digital Push Button x1
  • USB Cable A-B for Arduino x1
  • Bluno Bee - Turn Arduino to a Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Ready Board x1
  • I2C LCD1602 Arduino LCD Display Module (Gray) x1
  • LM35 Linear Temperature x1
  • URM10 Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  • WiFi IoT Module x1
  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor For Arduino x1
  • Digital 5A Relay Module x1
  • Digital Shake Sensor x1
  • 6xAA Battery Holder with DC2.1 Power Jack x1
  • Digital RGB LED Module x1
  • 4Pin I2C/UART Sensor Cable x1
  • Analog Sensor Cable for Arduino - 30cm x1
  • Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino - 30cm x1
  • Jumper Wires 9" F/F (10 Pack) x1

Additional Information

Device Coding Kit
Type MindPlus

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