RS022 Miniature Magnetic Servo Clutch for Servo Gear Protection


  • The miniature servo magnetic clutches from DAGU fit on your servo just like a standard servo horn
  • Unlike a standard servo horn, these clutches will slip when excessive force is applied to prevent your servo gears from breaking
  • Typical holding torque for the standard configuration is 850g/cm


  • The drive plate fits onto the servo horn and holds 4 magnets
  • There are two drive plates provided in the kit
  • One has 8g and the other 9g molded on the side that faces the servo
  • The difference between the two is the size of the spline in the centre
  • The mounting plate holds 4 magnets, comes in 3 different shapes and allows various devices to be mounted into de servo just like a normal servo horn
  • The glassine, low-friction disk sits between the two clutch plates and combined with the brass sleeve allows the clutch to drive smoothly almost without friction
  • The 8 magnets are firmly press fitted into the clutch plates and depending on how you install them the clutch can be configured for 3 different modes of operation
  • Hard Lock occurs when the magnets are attracted to each other. Once the magnets stick together they lock and resist being separated
  • Soft Lock occurs when the magnets are repelling each other. This provides a soft spring action. Locking occurs when the repulsive force is at it's maximum
  • Standard Servo Mode :
    • The clutch "hard locks" in place every 180 degrees
    • When the clutch slips less than 180 degrees it will spring back into the locked position automatically and relocks
    • If the clutch is forced to slip more than 180 degrees then it will attempt to relock 180 degrees from the original position
  • Continuous Rotation servo - Hard Lock:
    • The clutch "hard locks" every 90 degrees
    • This mode works best with wheels where slippage is not normally desirable
  • Continuous Rotation Servo - Soft Lock:
    • The clutch "soft locks" every 90 degrees
    • Soft lock has a spring action and provides maximum protection for your servo gears
    • It is best suited for wheels travelling over rough terrain


  • Included Parts:
    • 8 x Miniature, neodymium magnets
    • 3 x Different shaped mounting plates
    • 2 x different drive plates to suit 8g and 9g servos
    • 2 x glassine, low friction discs
    • 2 x brass sleeve
    • 2 x M2X12mm mounting scews
    • 4 x M2X8mm pan head screws
    • 4 x M2X5mm pan head scews