BRAND: Littelfuse

SCR 0,8A 400V 200UA IGT TO92

SCR 0,8A 400V 200UA IGT TO92


The EC103D is a Teccor® Thyristor/Sensitive SCR for phase control applications such as heating and motor speed controls. It is an excellent unidirectional switch easily triggered with microAmps of current as furnished by sense coils, proximity switches and microprocessors. Typical applications are capacitive discharge systems for strobe lights and gas engine ignition. Also controls for power tools, home/brown goods and white goods appliances.

    • Glass-passivated junctions
    • Voltage capability up to 600V
    • Surge capability up to 20A
    • UL94V-0 Flame-rated epoxy body material
    • Copper alloy lead
    • 100% Matte tin-plated terminal


Lighting, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, HVAC, Motor Drive & Control


  • Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage, Vdrm: 400V
  • Gate Trigger Current Max, Igt: 200µA
  • Current It av: 510mA
  • On State RMS Current IT(rms): 800mA
  • Thyristor Case Style: TO-92
  • No. of Pins: 3Pins
  • Peak Non Rep Surge Current Itsm 50Hz: 16A
  • Holding Current Max Ih: 5mA
  • Gate Trigger Voltage Max Vgt: 800mV
  • Operating Temperature Max: 110°C


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