SKU: GCS-013

BRAND: Communica

Corrugated Short Rail Aluminium 6005 T5, EPDM, Anodized>13 μm, Includes:4 x Self-Piercing Screws, L=80 x W=52 x H=70mm

Corrugated Short Rail Aluminium


  • Fast and easy install
  • Pre-punched holes make install easy
  • Good ventilation clearance
  • Advanced screw technology
    • Bi-Metal
    • Sharp Carbon steel tip for easy and skid free piercing
    • Stainless steel head for anti-corrosive durability
    • High torque strip value
    • High pull out value per screw
    • No swarf (metal debris)
  • Durable, non-corrosive materials
  • Double gasket for waterproofing, EPDM layer and elastomer washer
  • Compatible grounding washer, mid- and end clamps


Additional Information

Device Rail
Type Corrugated | Short | Aluminium