SKU: MX-801F

BRAND: Maxitronix

Electronic FM Radio Kit


This Kit FM Radio is a Great Kit to get you started Studying Electronics, It is so Simple that only you need a Couple of hours to Assemble it completely, With his Kit FM RADIO Band can Tune to FM Radio Stations (from 88-108 MHz). You will see the FM Radio once Assembled, it works Amazingly Well, FM Radio Circuits require Numerous Unique Features such as Circuits limiters and Voltage and Frequency Converters and very complex setup Procedures, This makes a simple and Basic Kit FM Radio difficult to assemble, This Kit solves these problems by assembling and adjusting Circuits FM Tuner, So just follow the Instructions to complete the rest of the assembly, easily and safely The FM tuner is Quite Sensitive and Critical, therefore it must be handled with great care. Do not move or touch any component which is assembled on the small Printed Circuit Board. Read this manual carefully before proceeding to assemble this Kit. Follow the Instructions Step by Step, will soon be proud result.


  • You only need a few tools to assemble your Kit:
    • Pliers or Tweezers Long Tips
    • A small Phillips Screwdriver
    • Cutting Pliers for Cables (small diagonal type)
    • A 9V Battery Check your Kit to make sure