PRK PK-2061

SKU: PRK PK-2061

BRAND: Proskit

PK-2061 :: Crimping Tool Kit to install MC3 & MC4 Solar Connectors easily and accurately


Pro’sKit PK-2061 Solar MC3 & MC4 Crimping Tool Kit is a complete tool kit for solar panels set up operations, comply with tensile strength test, features accurate stripping, precision crimping, and making the installation jobs more smart and efficient. Pro’sKit PK-2061 contains Prosoft screwdrivers, Universal solar cable stripper, Parallel action crimping tool, the MC4 & MC4 PLUS open-end spanner and unlocking tool and Heavy duty forged cable cutter. It comes with a durable zippered carrying bag which constructed on water repellent and provides easy carrying and storage.


  • The Parallelaction crimper features consistent and accurate performance
  • Universal solar cable stripper, specially design stripping with adjustable length stop for reliable stripping of the double layer insulated cables (2.5 - 6.00 mm²)
  • Heavy duty Forged Cable Cutter with high leverage Jaw and shear blade for clean cut without damage.
  • Includes 2 pcs MC4 and MC4 PLUS open-end spanner and unlocking tool help you opening the locking device, securing and tightening the cable gland.
  • Prosoft screwdrivers for PV junction box installation


  • CP-3006F : Parallel Action Crimper frame
  • CP-5S1D : Set for MC 3 solar connector (Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6m2 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable.
  • CP-5S2D : Set for MC 4 solar connector (Multi-Contact) & 2.5/4/6m2 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable.
  • CP-246 : Universal solar cable stripper, for 2.5/4/6m2 (AWG 14/12/10) solar cable
  • 8PK-A202 : Forging cable cutter (160mm), for copper cable: 25mm² flexible
  • 9HW-MC4 : 2 Pcs Open-end spanner and unlocking tool (MC4 and MC4 PLUS)
  • 9SD-202A : Pro-soft screwdriver 5x75mm
  • 9SD-207B : Pro-soft screwdriver 2 x100mm
  • 9Z-940KP : Carrying zipper bag-280×197×70(mm)