BRAND: Rfduino

RFD22102 :: RFduino is a Arduino Compatible Module based on Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy BLE RF Module with Built-In ARM Cortex M0 Microconroller in DIP


Shrunk down an Arduino to the size of a finger-tip. RFduino is A finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller, low cost enough to leave in all of your projects. The RFduino runs Arduino code and can do everything an Arduino can, plus much more. Using the RFduino USB shield, simply plug the RFduino into a USB port of any computer and use the Arduino IDE to load your Arduino sketch, which automatically begins running on the RFduino. Then you can detach the RFduino USB shield and plug the RFduino directly into your project. (The RFduino requires USB Shield part number RFD22121 for programming.)

Note : The RFduino requires USB Shield (RFD22121 - RFDUINO USB SHIELD) for Programming


  • Shrunk an Arduino to the size of a finger-tip and made it Wireless and Simple to use Arduino IDE and sketches running on professional grade hardware
  • The RFduino is a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy DIP BLE RF Module with Built-In ARM Cortex M0 Microconroller includes ADC, I2C, SPI, GPIO and UART interfaces for Rapid Development and Prototyping Projects
  • The MCU can be programmed with the Arduino IDE software with RFduino add on’s such as the programming Interface RFD22121 USB Programmer.
  • Rapid Development and Prototyping Kits are available as the RFD22102 DIP versions of RFD22301. Built-in chip antenna.
  • RF Digital also offers an optional version RFD22302 Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) module which requires an external antenna.
  • Wireless communication compatibility with the iOS iPhone, iPad, tablets and android smartphones.
  • Applications include Industrial control, RFID, wireless communication, M2M, HVAC, security and home automation.
  • It is Stackable & plugs directly into Breadboards



    • Item : RFD22102
    • Category : Bluetooth LE RF Module
    • Type : Transceiver / Controller
    • Band : 2.4 GHz
    • CPU : 16MHz ARM Cortex-M0
    • Flash : 128kb
    • Ram : 8kb
    • Multi Frequency : Yes
    • Package-Case : DIP – RFduino Footprint
    • Packaging : Bulk Clamshell
    • RoHS Compliant : Yes
    • Low Supply Voltage : 1.9V
    • Typical Supply Voltage : 3V
    • High Supply Voltage : 3.6V
    • Transmit Current : 18mA, 4uA ULP
    • Receive Current : 18mA, 4uA ULP
    • FCC Approved : Yes
    • IC Approved : Yes
    • ETSI – CE Tested : Yes
    • Transmit Power : 4dbm
    • Dimensions: 22.86mm x 28.96mm x 18.95mm