SKU: 3RK1207-1BQ40-0AA3

BRAND: Siemens

AS-i Compact Module K60 Analog 2 AI, IP67 2 x Input, Ccurrent 4..20 mA, +/- 20 mA for 4-Wire Sensors 2 x M12 Socket

AS-i Compact Module K60 Analog 2 AI


AS-i compact module K60 analog 2 AI, IP67 2 x input, current 4..20 mA, +/- 20 mA for 4-wire sensors 2 x M12 socket Mounting plate 3RK1901-0CA00 must be ordered separately
General technical data
design of the product   analog I/O modules for operation in the field, IP67 - K60
Type of device   analog input modules for current measurement
Type   2 inputs
design of the slave type   analog slave
I/O configuration   7
ID code   3
type of electrical connection of the inputs and outputs   M12 screw-type terminals
consumed current from profile conductors of the AS-Interface at 30 V maximum mA 160
operating voltage according to AS-Interface spezification V 26.5 ... 31.6
Current consumption when connected    
● 2 sensors    
— without Uaux infeed max mA 46
— from Uaux infeed max. mA 500
Voltage supply auxiliary voltage additional for sensors Uaux V 24 ... 30
profile   7.3
Measuring/output value   current
Measuring/output range   adjustable: 4 ... 20 mA / +-20 mA
Smoothing function   configurable
Line filter Hz 50
Channels active   1 and 2
A/D resolution for analog inputs/outputs bit 16
type of connection technology   4-conductor
number of analog inputs   2
Inputs sensors   2/3/4-conductor sensors
input variable   mA
product function input variable parameterizable   Yes
number of analog outputs   0
Status display    
● AUX PWR (Uaux)   green LED
● AS-Interface   green LED
● FAULT   red LED
Ambient conditions
ambient temperature    
● during operation °C -20 ... +60
● during storage °C -40 ... +85
protection class IP   IP67
Mechanical data
width mm 60
height mm 152
depth mm 29
fastening method   standard rail mounting/wall mounting using mounting plate for K60 compact module


Additional Information

Device Compact Module
Type AS-i | K60 | Analog 2 | AI