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DSO138 Oscilloscope (Fully Assembled) Including A Case. Analog Bandwidth: 0-200KHz. Vertical Sensitivity: 10MV / DIV - 5V / DIV. Screen Size: 52 * 40mm / 2 * 1.57In. PCB Size: 117 * 76mm / 4.6 * 3in. Supply Voltage: DC 9V

DSO138 Oscilloscope


  • Use single chip microcomputer ATMEAG328P DIP-28. With IC socket
  • The display unit uses a 160x128-pixel color display screen with 8x 20 characters, 16-bit color depth, and graphic display component symbols.
  • Rotary coding switch control, one-touch measurement, automatic shutdown.
  • Use 9v laminated battery to supply power, or use power adapter to supply power. The current of the whole machine is about 30mA, and the current is about 20nA after shutdown.
  • Automatic detection of NPN and PNP triode, field effect transistor, diode, double diode, thyristor, silicon controlled rectifier, automatic identification of the above transistor pin distribution
  • Test the common emitter current amplification coefficient of NPN and PNP triode, base-emitter threshold voltage, collector-emitter leakage current at cut-off
  • Identification of Darlington triode by transistor base-emitter threshold voltage and high current amplification coefficient
  • Protection Diode built in detection power triode and field effect transistor
  • Test the gate-source conduction threshold voltage of the field effect transistor, the conduction resistance of the drain-source, and the gate-source capacitance.
  • A maximum of 2 resistors can be measured at a time, so the three-foot adjustable resistor can also be measured. If the adjustable resistor is adjusted to the end point, only one resistance value can be measured.
  • The highest resolution of resistance measurement is 0.01 Ω. Can detect up to 50 Mohm
  • Capacitor measuring range from 25pF-100mF, resolution 1pF
  • For capacitors larger than 90nF, the equivalent series resistance (ESR) is measured at the same time, and the resolution of the equivalent series resistance is up to 0.01Ω.
  • For capacitors larger than 5000pF, the voltage drop rate after charging is displayed at the same time. This value can reflect the quality factor (Q value) of the capacitor.
  • Measure up to two diodes at a time, showing their positive and negative poles, break-over voltage
  • Light-emitting diodes are also displayed as graphical symbols of diodes, and their break-over voltage is much higher than that of general purpose diode.
  • Breakdown reverse voltage Zener diode lower than 4.5V can also be detected and displayed as double diode symbols. The positive and negative poles are subject to the diode symbol of about break-over voltage at 700mV, and the break-over voltage corresponding to the other diode symbol is the voltage regulator value. So do not measure one general purpose diode and one zener diode at the same time
  • When testing a single diode, the reverse junction capacitance of its PN junction can be tested at the same time. The PN junction capacitance of the triode can also be tested. At this time, only the base and emitter of the triode, or the base and collector can be placed at the same time.
  • Capacitors lower than 25pF can also be tested. For this test, you need to prepare a 30pF capacitor, test the 30pF capacitor first, then parallel the capacitor to be tested and measure it again, subtract the measured value of 30pF capacitor from the obtained result.
  • Measure the inductance of a resistor below 2100 Ω at the same time, and the measuring range is from 0.01 mH-20H
  • The test process takes about 2 seconds, and the large capacitor and inductance will take longer.
  • Additional functions include frequency measurement, voltage measurement, square wave generator, PWM generator, infrared remote control decoding, infrared remote control coding, DS18B20 temperature sensor test, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor test, color selection, debugging and calibration, continuous testing, and other functions
  • The frequency measurement range is from 1Hz to 1MHz or higher. When the measured frequency is lower than 25kHz, the period can be displayed, and the resolution can reach 0.001MHz.
  • DC voltage measurement up to 50V
  • Output a square wave signal, multi-gear frequency is available, the highest output frequency is 2MHz
  • The output is a pulse signal (PWM) with fixed frequency and adjustable duty cycle. The duty cycle is adjusted from 1% to 99%.
  • Separate capacitance test function, this test method is continuous measurement, the capacitor of 2uF-50mF can be measured directly in its circuit, (the circuit where the tested capacitance is located must be powered off, the tested capacitor needs to be completely discharged)
  • Thyristor and silicon controlled rectifier can only identify its pin distribution, and it also needs to be measured thyristor or the trigger current of silicon controlled rectifier is less than the current provided by the tester. The tester can only provide a maximum of 6mA trigger current.
  • Infrared remote control decoding and encoding support TC9012 and upD6121 chip encoding formats.

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