BMT LORA RA-01 SX1278 (433MHZ)

SKU: BMT LORA RA-01 SX1278 (433MHZ)

BRAND: Communica

SSX1278 Lora Module 433MHz 10Km. RA-01 Wireless Spread Spectrum Transmission Socket for Smart Home DIY

SSX1278 Lora Module


RF chip The SX1278 mainly uses a TM remote modem for ultra-long-range spread spectrum communication with high anti-interference and minimizes current consumption. With patented TM modulation technology, the SX1278 has a high sensitivity of over -148dBm, +18dBm power output, long transmission distance and high reliability. At the same time, compared with the traditional modulation technology, TM modulation technology has obvious advantages in anti-blocking and selection, and solves the problem that the traditional design scheme can not take into consideration the distance, anti-interference and power consumption at the same time.


  • Spectrum range 410-525MHz
  • 433MHz average operating current TX: 93mA RX: 12.15mA Standby: 1.6mA
  • Power supply range 2.5 ~ 3.7V, typical value 3.3V
  • Working temperature -30 ° C ~ 85 ° C
  • Storage environment -40°C ~ 90°C, <90%RH
  • Operating Temperature: -30~85 Degree
  • Supply Voltage: 2.5-3.7V

Package included:

  • SX1278 Module

Additional Information

Device Lora Module
Type SSX1278