BRAND: Communica

GSM Communicator System with 5 Input for Alarm Communications and 2 Outputs for Devices



The Cellcop GSM communicator system is based on SMS and GPRS technology. It uses standard cellphone technology for communication and has been designed to provide you with the greatest possible flexibility and convenience.

The cellcop communicator can be used in various applications to monitor and control system alarms and parameters remotely using your cellphone. The unit can be configured to your requirements by using the configuration tool. The configuration tool allows the user to setup various options by setting the parameters and sending the setup to the cellcop. Using the configuration tool u can setup the Cellcop directly using a USB cable connected to the to the cellcop or remotely by connecting a GSM modem to the PC running the configuration tool and connect to the cellcop using a data call. The configuration can be backed up to file using the configuration tool for easy reuse in future or quickly setting up multiple boards with the same configuration.



  • 5 Inputs to communicate separate alarm conditions
  • 2 Outputs to control any electrical device
  • Monitor AC power using the charger input
  • Monitor AC power using the charger input
  • Monitor the battery status
  • Scheduled Commands
  • Monitor Mode
  • Configuration tool to configure unit to user requirements



Hardware Requirements

  • CP52u-M Communicator board
  • SIM card (RICA card Required)
  • Power, Inputs and outputs harness connector
  • GSM Antenna
  • Power supply
  • Relay board if unit will be used to switch external equipment
  • PC running configuration software and USB cable
  • Product Software