E230 G 24/15 B65-FP

SKU: E230 G 24/15 B65-FP

BRAND: Filon Futur

Filon Futur S Battery Charger 207-253VAC Input 24V Charging Voltage. Nominal Current 16A

S Battery Charger 207-253VAC


The high-quality 24V 8A charger from IEB is suitable for lead batteries of all types from 40Ah to 80Ah. Our available chargers are set for AGM and Gel batteries 40-60Ah. The charger comes with an XLR plug for charging wheelchair batteries.


  • suitable for battery type: GEL, AGM and wet batteries
  • Deep discharge soft start function (already from 0.5V/Z)
  • Time monitoring of each charging phase (soft start icon phase, main charge, total charge)
  • Sulphating lock
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • Internal temperature monitoring
  • Automatic battery check
  • Optimal and safe battery charging
  • Battery type: GEL-, AGM- and wet batteries
  • Housing type: HF 90


  • Voltage : 24
  • Technology : Lead
  • Charging Range : 8
  • Connection : XLR
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 177 x 69 x 112
  • Ah : 40-80
  • Weight : 1.5

Additional Information

Device Charger
Type Battery