BRAND: Meatrol

Handheld Data Logger, Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer, 3.5" LCD, Includes 4GB SD Card, 3 X 600A ROGWOSKI Coils (36mm Diameter), 4 X Voltage Sensing Leads with Crocodile Clamps, SD Card to USB Adapter, 1M USB-Type C Cable and Carry Case.

Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer


  • Install this meter and log a building’s energy for a week to one month to get all the data you need.

This three-phase energy logger is ideal for the following:

  • Determining the energy usage/load profile of a building’s energy usage over a period of time.
  • Determining a building’s peak power usage.
  • Testing the quality of supply for example voltage dips and harmonic analysis, and establishing if voltage levels are in the acceptable range for PV Inverters.

The results from the energy logging can be used to:

  • Accurately plan solar PV systems, to determine what amount of panels are needed.
  • Accurately plan backup power systems, to determine the size of the inverter and battery capacity needed.
  • Accurately plan, backup generator size requirements.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities from energy efficiency measures.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities from improving a building’s Power Factor and Peak-demand(KVA) requirements.


ME435 Electrical Network Analyzer Power quality analyzer
Support Extra sensor
3pcs BNC terminal 333mV CT
3pcs BNC terminal Rogowski coil
4GB SD card (Included, Max is also 4GB)
(Save intervals 1mins default. )
Power supply
 4 x AA battery (batteries will last for approximately 48 hours)
Or USB Type-C
Product Description
Handheld Data logger; Three phase Power quality analyzer
Device application
Power analysis, Power monitor, Power data logger, Electric power meter
Digital, 3.5 inch TFT screen display
Sampling rate
8k samples per second
51th in the mean time

Recorded data

  • Date&time
  • Voltage(V), Voltage harmonics: UTHD(%)
  • Current(A), Current harmonics: ,ITHD (%), ITHD3(%),ITHD5(%), ITHD7(%), ITHD11(%), ITHD13(%),
    ITHD3(A), ITHD5(A), ITHD7(A), ITHD11(A), ITHD13(A)
  • Frequency(Hz)
  • PF(power factor)
  • Active Power(W)
  • Reactive Power(Var)
  • Apparent Power(Va)
  • Active Energy(Wh)
  • Reactive Energy(Varh)
  • Apparent Energy(Vah)
  • Current Demand(A)
  • Current Peak Demand(A)
  • Total Active Power Demand(W)
  • Total Active Power Peak Demand(W)
  • Total Reactive Power Demand(W)
  • Total Reactive Power Peak Demand(W)
  • Total Apparent Power Demand(W)
Phase options
  • 3P4W
  • 3P3W
  • 1P2W (L-N)
  • 1P2W(L-L)
  • 1P3W(L-L-N)
Record format
csv (Comma separated values)
0.2% from 60V to 500V
45…65 Hz
Modbus RTU RS485
IP20 / CE /EMC/ ISO9001


Additional Information

Device Quality Analyzer
Type Handheld | Three Phase | Power