BRAND: Takex

B1620 / TX114FR – Dual Zone Wireless Detector with 4 PIR's - Detecting Horizontal & Downward movement 180° coverage Day/Night Sensor


With ultra-low current consumption for long battery life, and solid state (NO/NC) outputs for both alarm and 3-stage tamper, it is Compatible with leading Wireless Transmitters for rapid deployment in remote or difficult-to-cable areas. Selectable AND/OR gating ensures maximum stability in even the most challenging environments. It is ideal for triggering CCTV, lighting or warning systems in commercial, domestic and industrial applications.


  • Battery Operated Dual-Zone up to 12m (40ft) x 180 degrees
  • Dual-Zone sensor head with Pet Immunity for small animals
  • Ultra-Low Current Consumption
  • Powered by 3V to 9V Alkaline or Lithium Battery
  • Can be used with numerous Wireless Transmitter Models (Not Supplied)
  • Adjustable Pulse Count & Sensitivity
  • Front, Mid and Back Tampers
  • 0.8~1.2m Mounting Height


  • Detection system
    • Passive infrared
  • Coverage
    • When horizontal detection Angle: 90°
    • Detection distance: 40ft (12m)
    • Horizontal zone: 7 zones
    • Downward zone: 7 zones x2
  • Coverage adjustment
    • Horizontal: 90 degrees
    • Detection distance:10ft to 40ft (3m to 12m)
    • (Adjustable by changing the vertical angle of downward curtain)
  • Supply voltage
    • 3V to 9VDC Alkaline or Lithium Battery
  • Operation voltage
    • 2.3V to 10VDC
  • Current consumption
    • 35µA 5mA/3V (Test mode)
  • Operation
    • Solid State Switch N.C./N.O. selectable
      • 10VDC · 0.01A Max
    • Alarm output
      • One shot output when detecting human beings (approx. 2sec)
    • Tamper output
      • Real time output
        • when the cover is detatched from the unit
        • when the unit is detatched from the installed wall or pole
    • Trouble output
      • Real time output when the unit suffers functional trouble (from terminal of Alarm)
  • Operation LED
    • Red LED
    • Blinking for approx.1min at warming-up
    • Lighting for 1sec at detection during walk-test (LED lights only in a test-mode)
    • Blinking when trouble alarm is issued (Lights once every 5 sec)
  • Sensitivity adjustment
    • Approx. 30% to 170% (by rotary switch)
  • Pulse count
    • Once/Three times selectable (by dip switch)
  • Alarm prohibition time
    • 10sec/120sec/300sec/900sec selectable (by dip switches)
  • Detection mode
    • AND/OR selectable
  • Ambient temperature
    • -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
  • Mounting position
    • Indoor/Outdoor (Wall or Pole)
  • Weight
    • 20oz (620g)
  • Appearance
    • Body: AES resin, Lens: PE resin
  • Accessories
    • Pole attachment : 2sets
    • Mounting screw : 2pcs
    • Adhesive sheet : 1pc
    • Area masking sheet
    • Battery holder : 1pc
    • B.T.Killer : 1pc