TOP T887


BRAND: Toptronics

3-Phase Presence Rotation Indicator


This Test Instrument is a 3 Phases Presence and Rotation Indicator which display the results on a large "high contrast" Liquid Crystal Display. It can be utilized on a 3 Phase Powered System (the supply side) without having to worry about damage to the tester. Furthermore, it has internal fuses, so non fused test leads can be utilized. When utilized on a 3 Phase Powered System, the instrument is then utilized as a 3 Phases Presence Indicator. 



  • Indicates phase rotation and phase presence
  • Colour coded Red/White/Blue
  • Large alligator clips
  • No Battery required
  • Test leads included
  • Pouch included



  • Determination of the Phase Presence : Nominal Voltage for Phase Presence Indication (the voltage required for LCD L1, L2, L3 indicators to come on) : From 40Vac to 700Vac
  • Frequency Range : 15Hz to 400Hz
  • Determination of the Phases Rotary Field Direction : Direction Indication by LCD Display (the voltage required to have the LCD Direction Arrows to indicates and the L1, L2, L3 or L3, L2, L1 indicators to show : From 40 to 700Vac.
  • Frequency Range : 15Hz to 400 Hz.
  • Over Load : 700V (between all terminals)
  • Over Voltage : Class III - 700V towards ground
  • Fuses : 0.5A/250V, 5 x 22mm, HBC, 600V Fast Blow
  • Current Consumption : Max 3mA
  • Dimensions : 153 x 72 x 35mm
  • Material :Poly carbonate / ABS
  • Weight (less carrying case) : 158.5g
  • Display : Liquid Crystal Display
  • Operating Temperature Range : 1 degree C to +55 degree C
  • Storage Temperature : -20 degree C to +70 degree C