BRAND: Toptronics

Energy Meter Single Phase, DIN Rail Type 230V, Impulse Voltage:6kV 1.2µs Waveform, Rated Current:100A, Power Consumption:<1W/10VA, AC Voltage Withstand:4000V/25mA for 60 sec, Passive Pulse, Pulse Width is 80 ±5ms , 5-27VDC, Max Current I/P:27mA DC

Single Phase Energy Meter


  • Designed to measure single phase two wire AC active energy
  • High stability and overload capability
  • Low power loss
  • Bi-directional total active energy- reverse active energy measure in the total active energy
  • Energy data can store in memory chip more than 15 years after power off
  • 35mm DIN rail installation
  • LCD Display
  • Warm-up time 10s
  • Connection mode - direct


  • DIN Rail Type : 230V
  • Impulse Voltage : 6kV
  • Waveform : 1.2µs
  • Rated Current : 100A
  • Power Consumption : <1W/10VA
  • AC Voltage Withstand : 4000V/25mA for 60 sec PASSIVE PULSE
  • Pulse Width : 80 ±5ms
  • Max Current I/P:27mA DC

Additional Information

Device Energy Meter
Type Single Phase